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Post by TomAshe on Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:10 pm


Congratulations to the winners this year!

1st - $250:  Eric - Boring Orgy
2nd - $100:  Chad - Walrus Fight
3rd - $75:  Tom - The Poop Troop
4th - $50: Stephen - The Pessimistics
5th - $25+pick 2.11: Brian - Frothy Cocks

Paypal is easiest for me, but I can do square, venmo, or google wallet as well.  Please message me and let me know how you'd like to be paid and if you'd like to pay next year's fees

Draft Order! (remember, this is inverse to optimum PF for non-playoff teams.)

1)Erik Dakstreet Boys
2)Tim - Wonder Weasels
3)Anthony - QuantumBaby
4)Brian - The Frothy Cocks
5)Kevin - Talking About Practice
6)Don - Unstackable Cups
7)Stephen - The Pessimistics
8)Tom - The Poop Troop
9)Chad - Walrus Fight
10)Eric - Boring Orgy

2018 Items

Expansion: Are we gonna do it?  Do we have 2 people who are quite interested?  Lets start discussing.

IDP: I must admit, I like the fact that I'm in a relatively standard scoring dynasty league.  I've somewhat lost my fire on adding 3 IDP positions instead of a D/ST.  If the believers really want this, lets discuss.  If people like it, we'll go ahead.

Trade Deadline:  I realized we don't have a trade deadline and I think we should add one.  2 weeks before playoffs maybe? It works well to protect the sanctity of playoff time.  I saw one inconsequential trade happen late that was no problem, but it made me think of how it could have gone worse.

Anything else?

Great job to everyone this year. Looking forward to an eventful offseason and watching the playoffs.


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