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Matchup Preview for Week 3 Empty Matchup Preview for Week 3

Post by erik.dixon on Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:20 am

Week 3 Matchup Preview

After a rough week for injuries in week 2, teams look to bounce back in week 3 so that they can make an impact on their continuous push for the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl. We had some heartbreakers in week 1 and week 2, however this season has started to take shape and we are starting to see who the major players in this league.

Quantum Baby Vs. The Poop Troop
Quantum Baby is coming off of a heartbreaking loss in week 1 losing by only a point and a half to The Boring Orgy. With big games from Shady, Cam, and Crabtree, Quantum Baby would not be down for long. Quantum Baby bounced back against newcomer Talking Bout Practice with a huge 30 point win margin, having big games from Mike Gillislee, Matt Bryant and the Lions defense. The Poop Troop is looking to continue their winning ways against Quantum Baby. They started off the season on the right foot by squeezing out a 4 point win against the Frothy Cocks thanks to help from Antonio Brown and Jordan Howard. In week 2 they continued to win against the Dakstreet boys, smashing them by over 20 points. Drew Brees, Carlos Hyde and Gronk led the way for the Poopers. Quantum Baby is looking for Cam Newton to light up the Saints defense and help him to victory, while the Poop Troop is hoping that Jordan Howard and Gronk will both be on the field to help him to victory. My prediction is Quatum Baby could end the winning streak if Gronk and Howard cant go.

Unstackable Cups Vs. The Frothy Cocks

The Frothy Cocks are coming off a close heartbreaker to the Poop Troop losing by 4 points. Big games from Carson Wentz and Colby Fleener made this game so close, however he fell just short to make the difference. In week 2 he bounced back and picked up the win vs 4 skin turtle neck t shirts by a mear .2 points. Very close game that CJ Anderson, Jay Ajayi, Mike Evans and the Tampa Bay Defense picked up this win for the Cocks with a combined 72.1 points. The Unstackable Cups are still looking for their first win. Losing Woodhead in week 1 was a heartbreaker, but he still had a good week from Jordy Nelson and Dalvin Cook. In week 2 he lost to Walrus Fight while getting another heartbreaking injury to Jordy Nelson, however Tom Brady picked up the slack but it just wasn’t enough to pick up the W. The Cocks are looking for Bell to get his first big game of the season, and Ajayi to continue his solid play from week 2. While the Cups are looking to Brady and Tyreek Hill to help pick up their first win of the season. My prediction, if Jordy Nelson can make it back for week 3, the cups could put a mark in the win column.

Boring Orgy Vs. Talkin Bout Practice

Boring Orgy picked up a crucial week 1 win against Quantum Baby that will allow them to get into the win column early. Marvin Gordon and Adam Thielen led the way to help this start off the season right. In week 2 Boring Orgy picked up a heartbreaking loss to the Pessimistics. Picking up their first loss of the season at such a young point in the season, doesn’t quite make it season ending, however they do not want to make this a trend. Marvin Gordon had another stellar performance, and a good day from Keenan Allen made this game decided by only 3 points. Talkin Bout Practice picked up a close win in his first game as a franchise owner in week 1. Matt Ryan, Todd Gurley, and Amari Cooper had paved the way for his first franchise win. He did not have the same fortune in week 2 against Quantum Baby. Losing by over 30 points, he is looking to get back into the win column. Todd Gurley was about his only bright spot in week 2. Boring Orgy will be looking to Jarvis Landry to produce against the Jets, the rest of his team will have a tough schedule, and be looking for someone to break out. Talkin Bout Practice will be looking for big games from Matt Ryan, Crowell, and Gurley to get the W. My prediction is that Talkin Bout Practice will take this W, unless there are some major defensive breakdowns on defense for the Orgys opponents.

Pessimistics Vs. Walrus Fight

Walrus Fight had the lowest score in the league in week 1 with only 69 points. They took a tough loss against 4 skin with a big game from Mariota, and a descent game from Devonte Freeman. In Week 2 he was able to pick up a big win against the Cups, Derek Carr, Dez Bryant, and Zach Ertz had big games to lead the Fight to victory. The Pessimistics are one of only two teams that are still undefeated. The Pessimistics picked up a week 1 win against the cups with nice days from Big Ben and the Rams Defense, even though he started a kicker that is currently a free agent. Phillip Rivers and Julio Jones led the Pessimistics to victory in week 2 over the Orgy. In week 3 the Pessimistics will be looking to continue their winning ways against the Fight while being led by Christian McCaffrey, Martellus Bennet and Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein. The Fight will counter with Dez Bryant, Derek Carr, Alshon Jeffery, and Zach Ertz, all players having favorable matchups. My prediction, the Fight has more favorable matchups, however the Pessimistics have been able to pull it out so far, sorry pessimistics, im leaning towards the Walrus’s.

Dakstreet Boys Vs. 4 Skin Turtle Neck T Shirts
4 Skin Turtle Neck T Shirts is a mouthful to say, however they are in the win column, while the Dakstreet Boys are not. 4 Skin picked up a huge win, being the only team to summit the 100 point mark, and nearly the 150 mark in week 1. 4 Skin won by over 70 points, attention, this is a blowout alert. Kareem Hunt, Austin Hooper and the Ravens Defense combined for 93.9 points. That sealed the deal with only 3, players. In week 2, 4 Skin still topped 100 points, he only lost by .2 points, and is currently leading the league in points scored. Rodgers, Hunt, Martavis Bryant, Jason Witten and the Ravens Defense had big days making it a very close loss. The Dakstreet Boys who had a surprise season last year have struggled mightily to score points thus far this season. They were edged out by Talkin Bout Practice in week 1 with solid performances by Charles Clay, Dak, Zeke, Fournette and even a nice day for Dan Bailey, Dakstreet was not quite back. Looking to rebound in Week 2 against the Poop Troop fell short. Good days from Dak, Emmanuel Sanders, and Fournette were not even close to enough to defeat the Poopers. Both teams looking to win have to lean on big names like Dak, Zeke, Blount and Kelvin Benjamin for Dakstreet and Rodgers, Lynch and Kareem Hunt for the 4 Skins. My prediction, even though I’m the owner of Dakstreet, I will need big days from all my players to take d


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